I don’t want to go back to normal

With the arrival of the vaccine and the outlook of a promising new year ahead, I don’t want normal back! I’m hopeful that we have a totally new normal where people have a little more life in the work/life balance (whatever that is), where we clearly see the injustice that has been here all along and work hard to change things to ensure equity and opportunity for all, where communities understand the value of education and educators, where we are all just a little bit kinder and understand everyone is going through things we may not realize, where we focus on our health and well-being because it is the foundation of all we do. I don’t want normal back, I want a new and better normal! I also want hugs and the ability to travel, gather and hang out with friends safely. The start of a new year has me hopeful for a better future for everyone. Cheers to 2021!